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We have been working with CIO's and IT Directors from the top 1000 corporates in the UK along with the same level of decision maker from the top 5000 companies in Europe successfully for well over 10 years. Our value added service enables key IT decision makers to solve the critical strategic challenges they are currently facing.

We offer a truly unique methodology in bringing C level Directors together with 'best of breed' suppliers, to ensure that the customers we are working with can reduce the time and effort associated with finding the right supplier. This in turn allows us to dramatically reduce both the time and cost of new client aquisition for our sponsoring suppliers.

Key benefits of attending:

  • Time Saving - Reduce your sales cycle by having a series of highly focused one on one meeting's with the most qualified senior UK and European IT decision makers.
  • Access - The ability to meet 'face to face' and network with the 'who's who' of CIO's, IT Directors and IT thought leaders
  • Reduce Costs - Rather than travelling all over Europe in the UK, Germany, Benenlux, Scandanavia etc to meet CIO's and IT Directors and the associated costs of flights and accommodation, we bring all the relevant decision makers to one venue for your convenience
  • Pre-qualification- We use our consultancy model to provide you with details of Director's business technology priorities, upcoming projects and areas they have strategic intent to invest in
  • Develop New Business - We create an atmosphere between buyers and suppliers which is 100% conducive for doing business



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